Aktienbörse und -Handel

In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 The _____ of trading spiked in the New York Stock Exchange last week.
2 In the battle for market leader position, Android was ahead of the _____.
3 The value of the stocks _____ (=rose and fell quickly) dramatically throughout the month.
4 The company posted a significant fourth-quarter _____.
5 There was a ______ in stock market prices yesterday.
6 A _____ market refers to a time when prices are decreasing, and people are selling their shares.
7 Ten _____ of our company’s stock will be divided to each of our employees as an extra perk.
8 Increased competition has only served to _____ the corporations efforts to come out on top.
9 The appearance of the celebrity at opening night sent the fledgling company’s stock value through the _____.
10 Yesterday, the stock market was _____ 350 points.
11 Inflation that has spiraled out of control is known as______ inflation
12 The president said that the government has a plan to reduce their NASA budget _____ (more) once the economic crisis has been resolved.
13 _____ (very high) deficits could precipitate (reason) inflation or a sudden drop in the value of the US Dollar.
14 Most analysts believe the EU is _____ (ready, nearly) to make steady progress on the immigration issues.
15 To _____ the situation (to put it in danger).
16 To stimulate consumer spending means to _____ consumer spending.
17 IMF does not think that current economic conditions will continue to _____. (They think that the current economic conditions will change)
18 The worst that could perchance happen is a worst _____.
19 You need to stop taking these things _____. (Stop assuming that these things will be there forever)
20 The new regulations should prevent banks from ______. (from going bust)
21 To the distress of shareholders, the value of the company’s stock continued to fall steadily until it finally _____ (=to stop going up or down).
22 The healthcare merger sent the stock _____ (=reaching unexpected heights).
23 Google’s stock value has _____ in the last two years (=become three times as valuable).
24 Emerging market stocks are _____ (=to gain value suddenly and powerfully).
25 Apple’s stock price _____ to $60 this week (=to lose value suddenly and in large amounts).
26 The corporation’s market value ______ in 2005, but has been falling steadily ever since.
27 The corporation’s earnings projection showed a marked _____ in their worth.
28 Stocks _____ on Tuesday, plunging to 16% (=to suffer a damaging drop).
29 Stocks _____ several points in late trading today (=to lose value).
30 Until the economic situation ______, share prices will be down.
31 Another way of saying to cut back on expenses is to _____ spending.
32 The UPS Company has ______ its profit for the next quarter.
33 According to numerous economic indicators, the recession in the United States appears to be_____.
34 _____ measures are meant to describe activities designed to boost the economy.
35 Many individuals are blaming the new government for keeping interest rates at a/an _____ low rate for too long a period.
36 It has been said that low-interest rates on mortgages were one of the _____ behind the recent financial crisis.
37 A ______ fall in consumer confidence contributed to the recent financial crisis.
38 A quick increase in property prices, followed by an equally rapid decline, is said to lead to a housing _____.
39 In the United Kingdom, the desire to elevate the number of available home loans for those most in financial need has led to negative ______ that were certainly not anticipated.
40 Another way of saying ‘to go bankrupt ’is to go _____.
41 It has been a week now that the stock market has _____ increased.
42 The stocks of the company have _____ 10% in the last month.
43 The stock _____ are hoping for a stock increase soon.
44 Buying and selling stock ______ a certain expertise.
45 The 1930s saw a crash in the stock market, which resulted in a ____ loss of money.
46 My bank provided me with stock _____ for being a long time employee.
47 The reason the stock market crashes is because large _____ of shares are pulled out at once.
48 The price of a stock is largely influenced by the _____.
49 The unsteadiness of the stock market today does not _____ well for some investors
50 Investors enjoy the face-to-face interaction they have with their broker and often do not mind paying the additional _____