In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 Begin enjoying the story at page 4 and continue until you_____ the finishing of the chapter.
2 Respond to the queries at the back of the book and be _____ that you make your solutions attentively.
3 The sole motto of all these practices is to _____ your wit of grammar and lexicon.
4 A beneficial way to _____ your lexicon is to go through them as much as possible.
5 You must read not only journals but also tales to (or “intending to”) availing the instances of _____ dialect.
6 One more essential activity is to _____ verbal vernacular.
7 In case you are able to_____ the expenditure of tour, there is obviously no replacement for traveling the country itself.
8 Attempt to _____ a local lecturer to speak to you so that you can record the dialogue.
9 If you can do all the things, it would not be long before you get yourself speaking the language_____
10 A part of the readers only read the _____ lines in a newspaper.
11 You must always keep track the sell _____ date of product you purchase in the superstore.
12 After completion of the construction, all the workmen were waged_____
13 The boss was noble enough to _____ my blunder.
14 It is undoubtedly _____ if you miscomprehend the norms of the foreign countries.
15 In her deliverance, she gave out her _____for the whole assistance she had been offered.
16 After ending the lecture, the whole congregation gave the lecturer a standing _____
17 If you want to be a member of that club, you must_____ a pro forma and submit it to your secretary.
18 Don’t get afraid; we will have to stay a bit more as I confirm that he will _____ soon.
19 The previous week I _____ that book you desired in a tiny stall.
20 What you ought to do is to _____ the latest idea that will facilitate us to earn much money.
21 I am in need of finding some sort of organic that will _____ the weeds in the garden.
22 In arrival of the Spring, people usually tend to _____ their residence.
23 It is high time when it will be needed to _____ chalking a plan.
24 It is convenient to view from the path that the garden hints that the Winter has _____.
25 It is not required to contemplate; we shall reach the station well in time before the train starts because we have _____ of time.
26 The performance would not start at least in an hour. As such we have time to _____
27 The station is not in long distance, and the train is likely to start in ten minutes, as such, there is no need to think – we have time to_____.
28 The crisis is that he has nothing to do and with the time in his _____ he is likely to fall into complicacy.
29 I informed him time and not to perform it _____ but he does not care.
30 Usually I prefer to undergo a session in _____ time.
31 It is _____ time she accustomed to take care of herself.
32 Time _____, it’s hard to accept that we have been passing the whole day here.
33 Time will _____ whether we have picked the exact choice or not.
34 The trading has lost a good deal of orders lately and is now proceeding through a _____ time.
35 I think that they are not aware about what to do and are only playing_____ time.
36 You can express keeping their outdated item in view that the company is fully _____ the present.
37 You can speak that she has stroke the _____ time as she was of the huge car drives.
38 If you expect the letter to be posted in reality by today, it is _____ time you went to the post office.
39 The band is aimed to _____ time with the conductor.
40 If you desire to start a commerce and appeal new clients you should _____ with the tempo.
41 Finally the parcel was received six weeks later, and not_____ time!
42 We went there well in advance with a view to avail the best_____ in the market before anybody else.
43 In case you_____ with me, I’ll visit and search if it is available matching your size.
44 The problem with these supermarkets is that they have sufficient_____ to contact with the shoppers at hectic hours.
45 It initiated as a tiny roadside stall about 30 years ago but it has now _____ into an exclusive store.
46 Cast a meticulous peek at the receipt when you depart so that you can confirm that all the _____ have been entered in the list.
47 Each time I visit the ancient part of the town, I like to _____ all the outlets retailing antiques.
48 Are you conscious of the newest _____ in youngsters’ apparel?
49 They are totally _____in their principles of not surrendering refunds until availing receipt in this outlet.
50 The quantity of the _____ in stock in this shop is higher than you can envisage.