In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 A bank is a place to _____your money.
2 To transferring money into your account is to _____.
3 To take money out of your account is to _____
4 What does ATM stand for? _____ .
5 Banks keep large amounts of cash in the _____.
6 I would like to _____ an account at your bank.
7 You have no _____ (money) in your account.
8 The bank _____ my husband's credit card since he did not pay his credit card bills.
9 I would like to _____ some money to my other account.
10 Please choose the correct collocations: _____ methods
11 Is there ______ around here? (A bank machine)
12 If you lose your bank card, you can _____ for a new one.
13 The money you borrow from a bank is called a _____
14 I needed money, so I had to ______ another loan.
15 To buy a house, you will probably have to get a _____.
16 What do we call money in notes and coins?
17 What do we call dollar and the euro?
18 What do we call your own money?
19 The money you receive at the end of the each month?
20 The money paid for a professional’s work is a______.
21 You receive Money by the government or a company when you retire.
22 The investment needed to start a company.
23 A person’s shares in business are
24 The money that a manufacturer receives from the state to enable them to sell its products cheaper is _____.
25 When you do not make regular payments on your mortgage to the bank, they may _____ your home.
26 Banks have two kinds of accounts -checking and _____.
27 Banks want to have something of value as a guarantee of repayment against their loans _____.
28 I would like to deal in ______ cash than cheques.
29 I always have a certain amount of _____ cash to pay for little things like coffee or stamps.
30 I have some cash _____ problems.
31 All the ______ you make on your account are recorded.
32 The banks always charge you _____ on the loans.
33 _____ banks deal with companies, and not the public.
34 Please choose the correct collocations: _____ holder
35 On the stock market, you can buy _____, which are loans to a company or government.
36 His account is no longer in the red because he has made some _____ in the last 3days.
37 On-line banking _____ you check your balance at your convenient time.
38 Interest rates have been _____ since the government changed.
39 I have much experience in collecting financial information necessary for _____various tax returns.
40 “Fall by a large amount” relates to which verb?
41 “Not to change” relates to which verb?
42 The amount of money you borrowed and now you should repay is _____.
43 We have to _____the expansion of the shopping mall.
44 Please choose the correct collocations: _____ payable
45 A document which presents all your bank activities is called a "bank ______."
46 A document which presents all your bank activities is called a "bank ______."
47 Another word for "to withdraw"?
48 What is low credit rating?"_____".
49 An amount of money lent is a_____.
50 Mostly middle-aged white males make up our customer _____.