In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 I currently have a great working partnership with my ______
2 Job interviews will often expect you to describe how you _____ with particular troubling circumstances in a previous job.
3 Our company is in need of an individual who can work with little to no ______
4 A more professional and enhanced way of saying ‘difficult’ is:
5 I am particularly proud of this ______
6 Interviewers will often ask you about both your strengths and ______ within your occupation.
7 At my previous position, I was _____ for creating new marketing material.
8 Many of my past _____ included assisting customers who had filed complaints related to our product line.
9 When asked to discuss your past work experience, the interview is, in reality, asking you to:
10 Activities that you enjoy you doing when you are not at work are often referred to as _____ activities.
11 It is a good idea show your boss that you have_____ them.
12 Potential employers will often ask if you can consistently meet _____ (get things done on time).
13 After an interview you should always send a _____ letter to the interviewer.
14 When you have a plan for where you want to be at a job in 5-10 years that is called: your _____
15 When you were unemployed for an amount of time it is called a _____
16 Most employers prefer that you work well with other people and work well ______
17 When your boss asks you to “go the extra mile,” what do they mean? _____
18 When you are unable to perform a specific job, then you are not _____.
19 Your boss will _____ you for failing to abide by rules and for not doing your job
20 A company will _____ employees when they can no longer pay them, or there is not enough work for them to do.
21 An example of a _____ would be ‘What is your greatest weakness?’. When asked that question, you should actually talk about a strength that you have, but make it sound like a weakness.
22 The last _____ certainly impressed me. He indeed seemed to understand a great deal about our company.
23 These issues are already _____ to me.
24 Another way of saying ‘before your interview’ is to say “______ to your interview.”
25 That question was already ______ by me, so I answered it clearly.
26 Typical questions are also referred to as _____ questions.
27 It is important to never ______ previous employers.
28 It is often recommended that men wear shoes that have been _____ to an interview.
29 I have with me some _____ copies of my resume.
30 Supervisors should possess great _____ skills.
31 The company has enabled me to be ______ too many different aspects of the managerial process.
32 _____ a graphic designer at my last company, I handled many aspects of the overall technology component of the business.
33 I often _____ the launch of several product lines affiliated with my last company.
34 It is my belief that the _____ of my life experience, educational background, and hobbies suit me well for this particular position.
35 I consider myself to be a _____ candidate for this position
36 As I _____ previously, I have the educational background required for this job
37 if you have any questions regarding my application, please do not _____ call me.
38 I certainly appreciate your time and look forward to _____ from you.
39 The experience that I have is ______ for this particular position.
40 In the past, much of my _____ included working with the CEO to design new technological features for the company.
41 Would you kindly tell us/me something about your _____ in the IT industry?
42 I learn from your _____ that you have undergone four different jobs during the last years.
43 What would be the estimated _____ of time you would be working with us if we finally selected you for the job?
44 How you would describe _____ during the last five years of time
45 Can you provide a little idea about your own _____ and limitations?
46 As a matter of the managerial post, we want to clarify how you would deal with bad_____ maintaining punctuality in an employee.
47 Assume that some of your staff has lost their temper and shouting at you in the presence of others, how would you _____ such an incident?
48 What would you interact with a member of your staff if he is found in _____his final work always late?
49 I should narrate that we would naturally_____ any prior holiday arrangement that you have handled.
50 By this time, we have bombarded you with several questions, would you like to _____any to us?