In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 You have to _____ a word to highlight it in a sentence.
2 You would typically use the _____ button to quote something in text
3 The starting process of a computer is commonly known as the _____ system
4 A program to use internet is called _______ software.
5 Firstly you markup a sentence or portion thereof, then you copy the selection and _____ it into your page!
6 The smallest component of a word in IT communication is a _______.
7 The widest key on your keyboard is called _______ key.
8 To get an image of the content showing on your monitor, it is possible to do a _______ shot.
9 To navigate a route for your next trip, it is useful to have a look onto a ______.
10 When the content does not fit on the computer screen, you can use the _____ bar
11 When you move objects, using the mouse, from one spot to another, it is called _____
12 THIS WORD was typed in _____ letters.
13 The symbol on the key „7on your keyboard is called _____.
14 Most of software main menus starting with ______.
15 Using a German keyboard; you will find a key at the bottom; named „strg– it is the English key for ______.
16 The key „strg stands for ______.
17 Adopted into English it means _____.
18 Files capacity is 400 Mega _______.
19 One ____ is eight ____.
20 The images showing on your screen entails many Mega _____.
21 I prefer to close a sentence by using a ______ instead of an exclamation mark.
22 RAM stands for Random Access _______.
23 ROM stands for ______ Memory.
24 HDD stands for ______.
25 The popular term „app means ______.
26 The short form of xls stands for ______.
27 The presentation program, PowerPoint, consists of several _____.
28 An accountant organizes several modules in a _____ to present enrollment of new customers of the last business period.
29 The key „alt means _____ of keyboard’s function.
30 The words found on the right side of the @ sign represent your _____.
31 An _____ represented by an abbreviation URL.
32 To do calculations, diagrams, and database, you better use ______!
33 To give a better design and style to a presentation, you better use _____!
34 To send and receive emails you firstly need an email ______.
35 ______ is the program code of the internet.
36 _______ Bytes is a Mega.
37 It is good to describe email’s _____ briefly in the subject line.
38 When you address an email to yourself, the mail will be sent ______.
39 Abbreviation SMS stands for _____
40 Datei is the First Main Menu File in German, and there you will find submenu called „Speicher unter which means _____ in English.
41 The practical gear to control the cursor by moving with one hand is a _____
42 The ,,del key found on your keyboard stands for _______.
43 A common browser of OS-Community is called _______.
44 When you want to send documents such as picture by Email, you need to add an _____
45 Extremely large documents are frequently _______, when attached to the email.
46 _______ picture-format is the easiest to send!
47 When you pressed End-key of your keyboard _______.
48 When you are going to switch off the monitor while the computer is running the computer _______.
49 Adjective smart interpreted into German means _______.
50 Microsoft Office Product Excel is a word combination of ______cell.