In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 My job is to _____ financial records.
2 The money owed, by debtors, to a company is known as Accounts _____
3 My house has _____ (decreased in value) by % in the past months.
4 Another word for bookkeeping is _____
5 An accountant keeps _____of your business's finances.
6 You should _____ your income tax every year.
7 I cannot control my _____. (Money you spend)
8 IRS stand for _____
9 The IRS is a government organization in charge of_____ taxes in the USA.
10 An expenditure is a _____.
11 Normally you should _____forms?
12 What's the opposite of an asset?
13 My _____ (not fixed) expenses are approximately $, per month.
14 The person who reviews the accounting procedures of a company is ______.
15 My ________________ always support me with prepares and submits my tax return.
16 We have seen some positive changes in sales ______, (Selling more) since I started working here.
17 What is “liquid” assets? _____.
18 A statement of _____ helps you to organize your business's finances.
19 People always look for _____ advice.
20 This investment is _____ (profitable).
21 You should subtract the ______ from gross profit.
22 Where do bookkeepers record every daily purchase and sales of a business?
23 What is debit?
24 What is credit?
25 You can quickly turn it into cash.
26 _____ is the surplus of the current assets over the current liabilities.
27 You will use them up in production and cannot be replaced.
28 You could consume or turn them into cash in the ordinary course of business.
29 You could quantify or turn them into cash with difficulty (copyrights and trademarks.)
30 ______, on a business’s balance sheet you should minus it from liabilities which is equal to fixed assets + (current assets - current liabilities).
31 You cannot sell or turn them into cash (buildings and machines)
32 Please choose the correct answer. A useless or outdated machine has to be _____.
33 Please choose the correct answer. Land and properties usually appreciate. It_____ in value.
34 Please choose the correct answer. A department which keeps the machines in the production in good working condition.
35 Please choose the correct phrasal verbs. Cause, produce, effect, and do
36 Please choose the correct phrasal verbs. Try solving a problem.
37 Please choose the correct phrasal verbs. Restore, build up, empower, and strengthen.
38 Please choose the correct phrasal verbs. Bring forward funds.
39 Please choose the correct phrasal verbs. Closing down.
40 Please choose the pairs of opposites in the right order:
41 Which verb is a synonym of 'increase'?
42 Verb that stands for 'fall fast and without control.'
43 Verb that stands for 'increase suddenly and greatly'?
44 Verb that stands for 'not to change'?
45 The opposite of 'increase'?
46 Our company's _____ year starts on July 1st.
47 The shareholders gathered for their _____ meeting.
48 My company must pay a lot in ______ taxes.
49 My job is at _____because of my wrong decision.
50 CFO stands for "chief _____ officer"