In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 Education is expensive so even kids from _____ (well off) families often need financial aid.
2 The way we figure out the need of your family is through a complicated ______.
3 When can you let us _____ if we are eligible for the financial aid?
4 Would you mind checking the ______ of my application?
5 What needs to be ______ regarding proof of income?
6 How long do I have until it is the ______ (due date) to submit my application?
7 The formula for financial aid uses your assets and your _____ (what you earn).
8 Are retirement assets supposed to be_____ (included) in this form?
9 The correct term used to mean yearly is _____
10 When you ______ (add up) your assets, do not include these things.
11 Despite having a recent sumptuous expenditure, they yet found that there was a considerable _____ with their bank deposit.
12 As the developer expected payment for the work he had completed, she had to visit the bank physically to _____ the money by herself.
13 It was deemed a very high time to approach for a _____ to purchase the residence as interest rates were below the ordinary level.
14 Before the possibility of borrowing a handsome amount of cash to purchase the residence, they had to be ascertained that they have sufficient cash to clear a _____ payment.
15 The whole _____ you performed with your web account are registered so that you can clarify the particulars at any time.
16 I am in doubt that this cheque would be of no importance until you have endorsed your _____ on it.
17 The bank declined to _____ the cash order as the client had no authenticity of identity.
18 As per the guidelines ascribed by the bank, there is a _____ on the sum of money you can withdraw from a cash booth within a day.
19 The bank official at the outlet did not have acquaintance with the client and as a case of the considerable amount of cash to be transacted was usually _____ regarding paying out the amount on the cheque.
20 The bank will usually not allow you_____ any cash unless you can justify that you have been in regular job for at least three years
21 It is essential to have cash in _____ if you want to go to an auction.
22 I feel free in using _____ cash rather than cheques.
23 All offices have a specific amount of _____cash to meet the daily expenses for essentials like tea, coffee or stamps.
24 Presently we are facing some cash_____ crisis due to the little amount of earnings.
25 You can avail the cash _____ facilities for your chips at the desk of the casino.
26 She constantly keeps her in _____ money in whatever she does.
27 In reality, no one is working hard for the business though all of them are thought to be making_____ money.
28 You can prefer using a money_____ in case you are unwilling to use a cheque or postal order.
29 That recent innovation has been very fruitful and has been accepted to be a money _____ for its inventor.
30 In reality, this mechanism is obsolete, and if I were you I would get your cash_____
31 The interest rate of student _____ is sometimes fixed at 6%.
32 Most people enjoy the _____ of money through secure online banking.
33 Bills, such as electric bills, _____ monthly payments.
34 Paying your loans can increase your _____
35 Federal loans have lower _____ than private loans.
36 Your interest _____ over time if payments are not made
37 Loan processing requires a lot of _____
38 Be sure to make _____ on loans.
39 The _____ of more money increases monthly payments.
40 The best option is to not _____ on loan payments.
41 The lender can send your loan to _____ if you default on a loan.
42 Repaying loans is usually a monthly _____
43 The creditors can _____ your wages if you fail to repay your loans.
44 Returning to school can _____ student loans.
45 If one loan company _____ all your loans, one payment can be made on all of them.
46 It is better to _____ the interest on loans.
47 One or more _____ can be made monthly on the loan.
48 Tax forms for loans are needed for _____ purpose.
49 A _____ is needed to assess your ability to repay your loans.
50 If unable to pay the loan, your _____ may be able to pay it for you.