In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 The term used to described two parties who have still not come to an agreement is _____
2 It is a limited chance for a ____ when the parties participating in a negotiation is not likely to come to an agreement.
3 When neither party demonstrates that they want to change their mind, it is said that nobody would offer any _____
4 When coming back to the negotiating table, if one party has not changed their mind it is said that there is _____ in their position.
5 When no party in a negotiation can come to an agreement, it is said that the process is at a _____
6 If a negotiation _____, the process continues even though it appears unlikely that an agreement will be reached.
7 When an agreement is executed, it is said to _____
8 Both parties truly desire to _____ an agreement by Tuesday.
9 Another way of saying that the talks broke down is to say that they _____
10 When each party in a negotiation hope for a successful resolution, it is said that they are hopeful for a positive _____.
11 You can learn the basics of writing a good business plan with _____ such as books and online courses.
12 Being _____ (= educated) about what you are presenting is a necessary part of demonstrating professionalism.
13 Summarize the _____ of your business plan by including an executive summary.
14 Using a _____ is one way to conduct a market study for your business plan.
15 You should keep your language _____ when reviewing matters of money.
16 Bring in potential _____ (= people/groups who have a stake in the business) to further your business’ success.
17 An enterprise is an organization that offers services or products and manages all aspects that come with it. It can also be referred to as which of the following?
18 When writing a business plan, make sure it is _____ (= short, easy to understand).
19 You can _____ a meeting with a business planning consultant to get valuable insight before writing your plan.
20 Your plan should have _____ descriptions to get your meaning across effectively.
21 An ideal commercial plan highlights and _____ (= narrate/enlists) your motto.
22 A lot _____ (= relies) on how effective your business plan is in today’s competitive European market.
23 A list of your properties, accountabilities, and net worth is what's known as a ____ sheet.
24 Most of the new entrepreneurs rely on _____ (= capital from other streams, not their own) to initiate and raise their trading.
25 How would you plan to avail the monetary _____ (= capital, etc) to initiate your commerce?
26 You must not _____ if it starts sketching up commercial design. (= You should not linger to finish it)
27 We are in possession of a well _____ business plan and vision for our enterprise.
28 Your commerce's _____ indicates how easy (or hard) it is to market/promote it.
29 Banks, in general, like to make sure that your business has a potential of being _____ before giving you a loan.
30 I was happy with your response to my offer but still I would like to have the following points _____
31 A return has just been_____ that highlights the ins and outs of the present situation of the trade and commerce.
32 As per the _____ of the return, it is evident that the employees below the age of 35 are fond of wearing casual dress at work.
33 Twenty years ago this type of behavior would not have been_____.
34 The staff was politely requested to _____ from smoking while there are customers.
35 The meeting continued for long three hours, and all the topics were not discussed due to short of additional time on:
36 The expectancy was that at the end of the meeting yet another _____ would be added, but there was no such issue to discuss
37 The chairperson was compelled to draw the meeting to a_____ as a fire incident took place in the next room.
38 It is undoubtedly important that the officer engages him to_____ the decisions that have been placed on the conference.
39 Due to turning up of few of the delegates, a decision was taken to_____ till next declaration.
40 Including an estimate of past sales is a good way to _____ (= evaluate) the company’s performance.
41 Plans should always keep the _____ in mind, as well as others who have demonstrated an interest in your products.
42 Our market segments are made up of specific _____ groups.
43 We can save on _____ if we split between leasing and purchasing our equipment.
44 Determining what media forms an audience responds to is an important part of _____.
45 Your sales strategy should have details that are _____ (= easy to understand).
46 Keeping up with our _____ involves researching products they put out that are similar to ours.
47 Be sure to _____ (= include) a document listing the financial requirements that come with the business plan.
48 New products should always _____ the legal team before being sent out.
49 Always include charts to better organize the _____
50 A capital _____ study is a study of an enterprise's economic "health".