In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 You look exhausted. You should have a _____.
2 When you are not feeling well, you should take some_____.
3 I have a big _____.
4 His temperature is too high He is hot. He has a _____.
5 I should have eaten something bad yesterday. I have a _____.
6 What's the matter with Matthew?
7 How long has Matthew been sick?
8 His father was _____ to (the) hospital yesterday.
9 Who was _____ when you went to the hospital last night?
10 Do you have a good health _____?
11 Why don’t you at least _____ on smoking?
12 I _____ a cold yesterday.
13 My brother _____ a sore throat for the last 3 days.
14 My daughter _____ the flu last week.
15 Do you _____ a stomachache?
16 My wife _____a toothache for the last three days.
17 We are now able to _____ (wrap up) what's wrong with you.
18 We must _____ cancer = It is not cancer.
19 Last year my father was_____ with cancer.
20 Can you _____ = (don't have enough money to buy) these drugs.
21 I totally ignored the _____ of an illness – I should have seen a doctor!
22 Do you have a _____? No, my temperature is normal.
23 It is not bad. We can _____ it.
24 General _____ that causes unconsciousness is used for some procedures.
25 I need to go for a surgery = I need an _____
26 Please tell me more regarding your medical _____.
27 Another word for vomit?
28 Another word for swelling?
29 Another word for rash?
30 Another word for drowsiness?
31 Another word for numbness?
32 When your skin turns black and blue after you got hurt you call it a _____
33 When you touch something, and it is very hot; your skin gets red and sore
34 Break e.g. to break a bone
35 Breaking the skin with a sharp object like scissors, a knife or scalpel you call it a _____
36 Lift _____ your arm please, I have to check something.
37 We need to move Mr. Harris into a _____ room. (a room with one bed)
38 I helped him to put on his clothes = I _____ him _____.
39 When something _____ you in the hospital, you should call the nurse.
40 I should have _____ my blood pressure.
41 What's another word for a doctor?
42 His temperature has _____ (increased) to 42° C.
43 I _____ vitamins to stay healthy.
44 My wife reminded me that _____ to take my pills.
45 Another word for an overdose on drugs.
46 _____ the cream directly onto the skin.
47 Gargle the _____for at least 30 seconds. Do not swallow.
48 From now on, Emma has to _____ an inhaler with her all the time.
49 _____is the box that contains medical equipment that is useful in an emergency.
50 If you break a bone in your leg, the doctor sets it in a _____which stays on for about six weeks.