In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 Almost all countries in Europe have a 100% rate of cell phone _____ in the market.
2 I am busy with an _____ of consumer trends in computer markets such as America.
3 All successful business owners must be a master at advertising their _____.
4 We are planning to _____ this product in the Autumn of 2017
5 Market _____ is the act of finding, taking down, and reviewing information regarding consumers, other similar businesses, and the market overall.
6 The banking industry has increased their use of our computer program, as shown by market _____.
7 Last year’s team brainstormed to _____ of a novel type of vehicle.
8 This product is so great; we will not have to try hard to _____ it.
9 Jane, will you please deliver that _____ over the section of biotechnology in Brazil?
10 The _____ includes three years’ worth of behaviors in the manufacturing business.
11 Even though it is thought to be less modern than other forms of marketing to customers, many businesses are _____ outreach to customers via email.
12 Brand name _____ is a shortfall of ours. Merely 55% of customers know of us.
13 Some businesses offer software targeted for marketing to your customers and monitoring your _____ numbers accurately.
14 Every business hopes that consumers’ views of them in the _____ are with the utmost respect.
15 Consumers often brand-_____when there are major differences in price.
16 Ads should _____ from other competitors’ ads.
17 Our goal is to up our _____ to 1/5 percent within about 3 to 4 years’ time.
18 The buying _____ for office-related furniture is much less compared to office supplies.
19 According to a recent _____, the cost of a cell phone was the major factor in determining the right time to purchase a cell phone.
20 Over the next several months, we must _______ to up our brand’s notoriety and esteem.
21 Our advertising plans have not panned out, and therefore, we have lost our competitive _____.
22 A consumer’s _____ to put out more money for a product can be analyzed to determine why that is the case.
23 The brand-loyal customers account for a 35% _____ of market sales.
24 Consumers whose main deciding factor regarding whether or not they should buy a product are referred to as price-_____ consumers.
25 Advertisers have attributed the success of their company on the measurement and management _____ that measures their brand’s worth in the market.
26 If two products are _____, this means they are perceived to be the same.
27 Novel products that _____ different benefits to the consumer than have previously been introduced are much more successful.
28 A brand feature that is visible and touchable are considered = _____ brand features.
29 _____ visual cues are said to always be of a like essence
30 A _____ market is one that a business has its eyes on for advertising.
31 When a consumer thinks highly of a brand, it is often placed in the _____'s consideration set.
32 The phrase “trading off”“A” for “B”, means to have “A”_____. For instance, consumers sometimes trade off variety for price.
33 When companies have a good reputation from the consumers, they can place a _____ on their goods.
34 A product that doesn’t have a name is said to be _____.
35 The _____ that is proposed might boost our sales by marketing the new product would focus on the new composition.
36 Product is said to be discontinued if it is _____.
37 There are four “P’s” of marketing: product, price, promotion, and _____.
38 Another name for a business model is a business _____.
39 Our sales have been lower than normal. = Sales have _____
40 Our sales have continued to grow for the past three years _____ = Sales have gone up for the last three years in a row.
41 You should showcase your special features. = You should display your best _____
42 It is not a good notion to keep using our current techniques. = We need to _____ using our current methods.
43 Because of our quick thinking, we _____ a catastrophe. = Because of our wise planning, we avoided a catastrophe.
44 We should not shun that as a possibility. = We should _____ that a choice.
45 The data has decreased from January. = The _____ have decreased from January.
46 Our business has enjoyed ten years of continual success. = Our business has experienced ten years of _____ increase.
47 Let’s sell this item as being tough and reliable. = Let’s sell this item as being _____ and reliable.
48 We must create a novel plan. = We must create a novel _____
49 Consumers, even though they may not realize it, have a variety of products that they will think about buying, called a "consideration _____."
50 A products attributes are either described as tangible or _____".