In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 The _____ is used to cut the branches on a tree.
2 Please pay attention while walking through production areas, there are many _____ crossing your way in storage!
3 Don’t forget to wear a _____ at a construction site.
4 The company is looking for some experienced experts in _____ to join buttress from steel.
5 Please do not use the _____ to cut wood!
6 Electricians use _____ to cut electric wires.
7 The radio-and-TV technicians need a _____ to track the bug from the tube to the power supply.
8 A certified welder knows how not to use extra_____.
9 A _____ is necessary to seek an exact measurement in length and depth.
10 Turn the eyelet with this ______ please!
11 Cut this thin wire with a _____ please!
12 Please cut the thick wire with ______!
13 Take the ______ to isolate cover from the wire please!
14 Please be careful using the ______ for striping a slut into cable’s isolation!
15 Please take the _____ over there to remove the isolation around the wire!
16 If you want to cut a precise gauge of cable use the _____ please!
17 To join two opposite or nonadjacent angles or corners of a straight-sided geometric figure is another word for: ______,
18 Maybe we can grip this crunched nut by ______
19 Open the hood and see, there is a squared-edged screw which you can only turn by using ______!
20 A three square socket wrench belongs to family of ______
21 An adjustable wrench belongs to family of _____
22 Riveting tongs belong to family of _____
23 I ______ bolds and nuts with a spanner.
24 I ______ metal bars with a hacksaw.
25 I use a ______hammer to work on horse shoes.
26 Before ______ make sure the surface is clear!
27 Ständerbohrmaschine is a German word for ______
28 Make sure to wear your ______ before grinding!
29 Put on your _____ when welding!
30 Wear your _____ when working with metal or glass!
31 There is too much noise. Make sure to wear your ______!
32 _____ have to be inspected precisely once a while.
33 Electricity can be_____ chemically or mechanically.
34 Wear your _____ before walking in the production areas!
35 Atoms are parts charged of _____
36 When electrons move from one place to another, they generate an electric _____
37 When two atoms linked to each other it forms a/an______
38 Different charges always ______ each other.
39 A four jaw chuck is a part of a ______
40 There is a gadget called ______ to fix broader elements onto lathe.
41 With a lathe you can turn a raw piece of metal into a/an ______
42 Give me a _____ out of the toolbox please!
43 The _____ was developed to make carpenter’s job more comfortable.
44 _____ is in some applications more effective than fret saw.
45 Diesel ______ by minus 24 degree Celsius.
46 MOX is abbreviation ______
47 A modern decentralized system of regenerative energy and smart electric supply network is called smart _____
48 When you prepare the initial ideas and plans with a particular solution for the purpose intended, we call it a _____
49 The original version of something, which is created and tested progressively until a final design is produced is called a _____
50 The document or idea, which defines the characteristics required for a specific product is a _____