In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 You need to open a bank account in order to begin ____________ money.
2 When you overspend, your account goes into the ____________.
3 Not making payments on your credit card can ruin your ____________.
4 A ____________ is needed to put money in your bank account.
5 Removing money from your bank account leads to a ____________ in the amount of money in the account.
6 Online money transfers can happen ____________ between different banks.
7 A ____________ and cash deposit can increase the amount of money in the bank account.
8 A ____________ allows you to not carry money around.
9 An ATM allows you to ____________ money without stepping into a bank.
10 ______ your credit card immediately if it is stolen.
11 My tax accountant is very ____________ in getting me the max tax return.
12 With online __________, I am able to see how much I spend in a given week,
13 The _____________ for the business far exceeds its expenses.
14 The IRS stands for: Internal _____________ Services.
15 It is possible to owe the IRS in back _________.
16 It is good to keep a record of __________ for your company.
17 An income is considered ___________.
18 Tax forms requires gathering and filing out __________.
19 Gathering and storing records of both income and expenses on a monthly basis helps a company _____________.
20 The net worth of a business is determined by so many __________.
21 Individuals who are too ill to work receive _________ payments from the government.
22 A company’s ___________ are the cash they have or investment that can easily be converted to cash.
23 A liability is an amount of money __________ by a company or individual.
24 The corporation’s ___________ are recorded hourly.
25 ___________ of the corporation’s financial statements are conducted every quarter.
26 __________values refer to the company gives to something it owns.
27 The firm has invested a significant amount of __________ in this venture.
28 After four years of struggling, the company finally reached __________ point.
29 The company's profits are valuable and can only be predicted ________ (not exactly).
30 By limiting liability, you can _________ the assets owned by your corporation.
31 The financial statement, which reports the revenues and expenses for a certain period such as a year or a month is the ___________.
32 Clients normally visit here seeking ___________ guidance.
33 Expense entries, such as rent and telephone expenses are typically __________.
34 “Liquid” assets always indicates _____________.
35 A supplier of services and goods is a _________.
36 Gross Profit minus Operating Expenses is best defined as_______.
37 Profits are of two types: one is gross profit and the other is ________.
38 “The bottom line” is the “Net profit after taxes”. This is _______ after excluding all the dues.
39 We refer to the combination of Administrative and Selling Expenses as______.
40 It there an expense is part of a transaction, expenses will be_______.
41 The stakeholders of the finance firm assembled in Tampa for their ________ conference.
42 His previous corporation owes millions in __________ taxes.
43 When a company compiles its financial statements, it records a ___________ expense.
44 Which of the following is part of manufacturing overhead?
45 I would welcome a chance to scrutinize your business's _____ ( = monetary archives) in detail.
46 He's one of our __________ customers. = He appointed us to do an inspection for his business.
47 The depreciation on the machines used on the manufacturing line is considered to be __ ______ manufacturing cost.
48 Which is an element or category of the balance sheet?
49 The quality of a company's earnings is suspect when the company's net income is more than the cash flow from which activities?
50 Companies use the sales ledger _______.