In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 German’s _____ follows a legal principle which is called in dubio pro reo.
2 Charles de Secondat Montesquieu, a French philosopher, expressed a fundamental idea which is called ______.
3 A judicial proceeding that one party brings against another is another word for _____
4 We are going to take a _____ against that company.
5 Please do not use ______ with police or other officials! You may get arrested or have to pay a fine!
6 Alice is going for legal advice this evening. She is meeting a _____.
7 Marge and her husband going for _____ to sign the house-construction contract.
8 What does Mord und Totschlag stand for? ______.
9 In US legal system there are two specific ways to define murder: ______.
10 After his car was stolen yesterday evening, Tom is going to the police station this morning to ______.
11 Tom’s file is to be ______.
12 Harry killed his wife in the heat of the moment, this going to be filed as an act of ______
13 Act of public concern cases are always tried at the _______.
14 A criminal case at court is to act as a substitute for public concern by ______.
15 Fiscal fraud in China is a _____
16 Supreme Court pronouncement of judgment is ______ now!
17 Lawyers all over the United States file a ______ action at the crown of court.
18 ______ is an evidence of a democratic country.
19 In lotteries the _______ often excluded.
20 There are still countries which have the capital punishment in their _____.
21 ______ is another word for discharge.
22 There is a big difference between judgment is binding or ______.
23 Unions and ______ going for a deal next Monday.
24 The ______ of the deal is based on employment law.
25 In many countries stealing food is ______.
26 In some other countries stealing food is considered as ______.
27 Constitutional state’s ______ based on checks and balances.
28 The ______ of a constitutional state has to be independent.
29 Employment policy has to work out new_______ soon.
30 Constitutional state also guarantees ______ for everybody.
31 The court is _____ in room 61.
32 Tamara is collecting social welfare aid in Germany. That is why Tamara can ask _____ for free.
33 Judge mentioned that the convicted had got _____ to argue against the judgment.
34 Another word for lawsuit is ______
35 _____ in most countries is 21.
36 While the witness is giving evidence, the defense attorney_____ into judge's direction.
37 _____ is as follows: accused has to go to jail for ten years.
38 The sentence is _____ just in time.
39 The _____ depends on various facts given by law.
40 However, murder is defiantly a _____ affair.
41 The _____ deals with such murder affairs.
42 _____ is holding a meeting with the prisoner at the moment.
43 Survey report confirms doer insanity, means _____ for him.
44 Jack’s assigned counsel called coroner to court and his DNA testimony was _____ enough to set Jack free.
45 This expert is a professor of _____.
46 The unfair dismissal was filed at the _____.
47 The _____ examined casualty very intensive.
48 The psychiatrist was _____ to the court.
49 The accused has to come to court, because he received a _____ by an official mail.
50 Falsification of documents is a legal principle which is called _______.