Steuer-und Abgabewesen

In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 He is _____ (= deliberated) to be self-employed.
2 Do I pay “gift tax” when I give an amount _____ $13,000 annually?
3 On your payslip, the “_____ income” signifies your total income from taxable sources, before any deductions or exemptions.
4 You will need to pay a 15% penalty = they will ____ a 10% penalty
5 The income credit amount depends _____ on the individual’s income level.
6 To _____ = To deduct
7 You may make this deduction legally = you are _____ to make this deduction
8 The quickest way to file your tax return is _____.
9 The contributions to a traditional IRA is not a valid deduction _____
10 We can carry this limit _____ to future years to use in your future tax returns
11 The amount of tax due by yourself is _____
12 A listing of deductions from taxable income _____
13 Money made from real estate, stocks, and bonds are _____
14 The cost of generating income or maintaining property is in tax terms _____
15 The Government provides you with a _____ if your payment on your taxes exceeds the require payment amount.
16 When your employer deducts a quota of your salary to settle your debt to a third party it is a _____
17 What do you call the expense that your employee subtracts from your pay slip?
18 House owners need to pay _____
19 You can arrange a _____ that may reduce your tax liability
20 The amount of money an individual makes defines his _____
21 The amount of money you earn anually provides the calculation of your _____ tax
22 _____ are the taxes charged on highways or new roads
23 Products bought from other countries are typically subjected to _____ taxes
24 Governments frequently inflict taxes known as _____ on products that either leave or come into a country.
25 In certain countries, individuals need to pay _____taxes on items or money they received when their loved ones passed away
26 Taxes, such as sumptuary or _____ taxes are charges on certain unhealthy products including cigarettes and alcohol to discourage people from purchasing these items.
27 Some companies have to pay _____, nowadays, which are imposed when the emitted greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere
28 The individuals that pay taxes in a country are the _____
29 Land owners pay _____ taxes
30 Since he is in the highest tax _____ his income tax exceeds yours
31 Several people use tax software for the completion of their tax _____
32 I had taxes still outstanding from the previous year, so I had to pay _____ taxes
33 The tax _____ that is imposed on you depends on your income
34 A typical employer- _____ savings plan is the 401(k) plan
35 Your children are your _____
36 Your employer will _____ the same amount as you put in your 401 (k) plan
37 These are examples of filing _____; married filing jointly, single, married filing separately
38 Tax forms will typically refer to you husband or wife as your _____
39 Any _____ (extra) income should be declared on your tax form
40 When you release you tax information to a third party you call it _____
41 The process that checks if what you declared is accurate is a/an _____
42 When you are not paying your taxes as required you are guilty of _____
43 When you do not need to pay taxes you received _____
44 When the profits of a company are distributed to the shareholders it is known as _____
45 When something is illegal and not allowed it is _____
46 Money that an individual earns through working for himself is _____
47 A document that you complete by filling it out is a _____
48 Property and or assets decrease in value over time and is known as _____
49 If there is a disagreement concerning the amount of taxes due it is a _____
50 For tax ______, you may be considered "single," even though you are married.