In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 It would be an upright idea to swap that color for a different one. = It would be a good idea to _____ that color for a different one.
2 This brand is known around the world. = This brand is world-_____.
3 Do you expect this brand to be advertised all over the globe? = Do you expect this brand to have a worldwide _____?
4 Our project is not performing as well as we expected. = Our project is _____
5 The market is _____ with these items. = The market does not have room for any more of this kind of items.
6 It is important that our new campaign does not _____ what we previously advertised. = It is important the new message is not different from the message from before.
7 I need a few days to _____ our plan. = I need a few days to mull over our plan.
8 It is precisely this kind of blunder that can create grave _____ = It is precisely this kind of blunder that can create grave results.
9 For example, this is the advertising method from the previous year. = For, _____, this is the advertising method from the previous year.
10 It is imperative to come up with a steady brand _____. = It is important to come up with a business appearance that doesn’t alter.
11 What are your thoughts on the previous month’s revenue _____?
12 Sales have gone _____ by 12% since the prior year.
13 We will add a sales _____ to our team soon.
14 Typically, a business year consists of four _____
15 _____ a contract is also the act of preparing a written agreement.
16 This _____ exceeds the amount that you told me it would be.
17 We sell many different _____ of software.
18 My employer focuses on _____ ads.
19 Through the ideas in our new marketing _____ we can accomplish to bring new patrons on board.
20 The XYZ Company patron _____ is a majority of Caucasian men in their mid-years.
21 We are _____ by the results of the last quarter of the year.
22 Public polls are:
23 The market for this product has low _____ for producing significant revenue.
24 Profit _____ is the percentage of the businesses sales the business has remaining after fulfilling its obligations.
25 What is your ratio of _____ to sales?
26 The definition of an unsustainable profit margin is one that:
27 The people that sell the most on a consistent basis in business are referred to as a star _____
28 Top performers are often _____ into managerial positions.
29 Retaining new patrons can be done by implementing a novel _____
30 Our _____ (inability to understand each other or reach an agreement) has happened for a multitude of reasons.
31 There are many key people in this field we intend to _____ with
32 This will not decrease the business’s _____ (=expenses minus income)
33 One can realize their potential by:
34 Our revenue _____ needs to be reviewed.
35 When a company “retained customers”, it means they have _____ those customers.
36 Even though Mr. Lin learned many skills through previous jobs, he lacks the _____ that is needed to perform this job
37 There are many _____ classes that help increase sales associates’ ability to increase the business’s revenue.
38 As a manager of any sales department, you are expected to _____ sales.
39 You must determine the _____success of the plans.
40 _____ programs increase business income.
41 Most businesses think of advertising for trade shows as a _____
42 A big consideration in performing a cost-benefit analysis of having a booth at a trade show are the _____
43 We still don’t have our _____ and we are absolutely down to the wire!
44 We decided to assemble our table ourselves and save money on our _____ production costs.
45 In 2014, I _____ five trade shows.
46 I just ordered _____ business cards to make sure I had enough to hand out to potential customers at the trade show.
47 Every business person who sets up a booth at a trade show hopes for good _____
48 _____ can be earned through connections made at trade shows.
49 Our leads from trade shows amount to approximately 20 _____
50 An important aspect in projecting a positive _____ is organizing your booth in a professional manner with a pleasing visual appeal.