In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 The most important and common insurance when you are ill is _____
2 The most important and common insurance to protect yourself in the case of accidents on the roads.
3 The most important and common insurance to be in a safe place financially in future.
4 An insurance rep who evaluates the extent of damage when a claim is submitted?
5 Who calculates the risks for insurance companies?
6 Who calculates the value of something? (e.g.: a building, car, et)
7 Who arranges insurance policies? (Intermediary between insurer & policyholder)
8 What does liable mean?
9 What does Premium mean?
10 You need insurance in the event of an accident or _____ that may take place in the near future.
11 The contracts with insurance companies are called _____
12 The regular payments for your insurance policy are called ______Monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
13 The person who works for an insurance company and arranges policies and terms with customers.
14 In the case of loss or injury, the insurance company _____ an amount to a customer to cover the damages.
15 Medical attention needed in case of unforeseen accident when traveling emergency bills will be paid through your _____insurance
16 You could also have fire and _____ coverage when you get car insurance.
17 The Policy _____ is the person who enters an insurance policy agreement with an insurance company.
18 The date that the insurance coverage ends.
19 A company that issues contracts of insurance.
20 An occurrence which may trigger a damage or loss due to fire, earthquake, fire, theft, vandalism, and other similar risks.
21 This discusses the rules, limitations, features and exclusions of an insurance policy, along with the rights of all the parties relating to the policy agreement
22 An insurance coverage that insures against an accident that leads to damages on someone else’s property, or injuries or kills someone else.
23 A statement in the policy, which indicates that the policy may continue beyond its original term.
24 The possibility of damage or loss.
25 A indicated amount that an individual pays before an insurance company pays a claim for loss or damage.
26 The insurance payout when an individual is no longer able to work as a result of an accident, injury or sickness.
27 Another word for a disaster.
28 Money paid in one shot (at once).
29 Another word for stealing.
30 To give money in case of damages.
31 Should you _____ insurance on your car?
32 When there is a disaster, and you need to _____ it, and the company would _____ promptly
33 What insurance _____does your employer / company provide?
34 When you take out an insurance policy do you buy it directly over the phone or do you use a ____?
35 You will take this insurance against your possessions in case of damage or ____ when you are on holiday.
36 An individual or entity that is authorized to receive the benefits from an insurance policy.
37 What does bilateral agreement mean?
38 Malpractice insurance covers______ in case of incidents.
39 Premises where a person lives.
40 You should _____liabilities from assets to give net assets.
41 The government _____ taxes on alcohol.
42 What does reinsurer mean?
43 The process of assessing whether a person is insurable based on his/her health history.
44 _____ is the process known for reviewing, pricing, accepting or rejecting insurance risks.
45 A legal document which indicates any changes made to an existing insurance policy.
46 _____ are the taxes which the Government collects from a person's estate (real and personal property) when he/she dies.
47 Insurance that is all-inclusive and provides complete protection be known as_____
48 When a loss happens as a result or a consequence of another, it is a _____
49 Merchandise, property or any goods that are in the process of being transported is knowns as _____
50 Which one of the following products is described as an intangible product?