In this section, you need to select the most appropriate word to complete the sentence meaningfully.

1 I am thrilled that we _____ almost half a dozen new agreements in China.
2 Let’s all get together to come up with a _____ for a novel deodorant and antiperspirant.
3 There is a lot to lose or gain. = A lot is at _____.
4 We chose to _____ this campaign around the idea of family.
5 We can tackle this _____ of tying together the item’s tangible attributes with Christmas’s spirit.
6 The way a business advertises must be in line with the company’s brand_____.
7 The agency’s angle on this project is _____.
8 More often than not, there are more subliminal messages than _____ can perceive.
9 We paid for an ad in the newspaper= We _____ an ad in the local newspaper.
10 I believe this plan has much more _____ than the other one.
11 If I were you, I would not _____ your time attempting to change the manager’s mind.
12 We can be prepared to _____ questions with answers to the questions potential consumers may have regarding our new product.
13 The company’s ads are not visually _____.
14 Customers flocked to us after we _____ an advertisement in a spot on a local television station.
15 Consumers don’t become aware of a business _____.
16 _____ planning is crucial in creating an effective ad campaign.
17 _____ simple. Your client does not want an ad that is too complicated or fancy.
18 _____ and designing labels are our areas of expertise.
19 The specific nature of this advertising has _____ previously well.
20 We gained three business accounts totaling $25,000 in _____.
21 A _____ account = A massive account.
22 A sales_____ is when a business tries to persuade a consumer to buy something.
23 Our last ad campaign was such as success that it gave us the _______ in regards to worldwide market worth.
24 When an advertising agency refers to its _____, it is referring to the work/projects that it does.
25 Advertisement agency should always appear friendly and _____.
26 We employ a designer who works exclusively in _____-graphics.
27 Because of our new account, _____ we have been able to bring 100 more people aboard to join our team.
28 I like working for my company since they want unique, _____ work product.
29 A _____ challenge = A massive challenge
30 Another word for a mistake made while attempting to do something to bring about a certain result is called a _____.
31 Our agency proudly won three _____ competitions, in which countries from all around the world participated.
32 Sometimes, it is hard to tell where advertising ends and marketing begins. = Sometimes, the lines between advertising and marketing _____.
33 We require payment up front before we begin any work. = We do not perform any work on _____.
34 As you can see, this area of the portfolio shows the brand _____. = How the look of a brand has changed.
35 We are talking about a $100 million-_____ account. = An account that totals more than $100 million.
36 In need of making a clear _____ amid the existing different vacuum cleaners, it is essential to have some exploration.
37 The departmental stock in the vicinity has to keep a continual struggle presently in this year to _____ client need for warm garments.
38 An ideal forerunner should have the ability to _____ his companions to embrace the challenge of the recession in business.
39 The _____ tendency in the youngsters’ choice to put on designer label apparel must be manipulated.
40 You should _____ the community that it is their own benefit to go through the instructions on all our drugs.
41 To persist in this commerce, you should assume a _____attitude.
42 The_____ of liquor is not permitted in the company complex with a view to building a healthy environment.
43 If you are targeting to _____ new subscribers through media flash, select the exact words.
44 The fruitful television commercial, in reality, is one which _____ you with its legitimacy.
45 Nowadays I can stalwartly suggest this _____ as a widely obtainable on the sale.
46 It is very difficult to market a product that most people view _____.
47 _____ a brand can be as easy as thoroughly planning out your advertising campaign.
48 It is said that "all's _____ in love and advertising."
49 An ad is said to be celebrity- _____"if it has a lot of celebrities in it.
50 Some individuals refer to the advertising business as the "_____."